Marble and bronze masterpieces by sculptor Zygmunt Libucha include sublime figurative works and abstract forms created with exquisite attention to detail.

A veteran sculptor with life-long experience in the arts, Zygmunt is a two-time winner of the Shillam Sculpture Prize among other awards. His works are exhibited at galleries across Australia and grace private collections around the world. The Polish-born Brisbane-based artist, who works mainly in Carrara or Black Chillagoe marble as well as bronze, has brought classical European sculpting techniques to the Australian arts scene. Zygmunt also sets himself apart with a traditional approach to art in that the work’s beauty speaks for itself. All the sculptures at Zygmunt’s Red Hill gallery are created in Brisbane. The marble and onyx sculptures are one-of-a-kind. Bronze sculptures are in edition of 12 or 50, depending on the size.

'Working for many years as a silversmith I developed a great need for details and even now when I sculpt on a larger scale I cannot divorce myself from it,’ says Zygmunt. 'Although the amount of time I spend on each sculpture increases enormously, the more it takes the better. I guess I want to enjoy every piece of stone as long as possible. I love to carve in marble the most accurate and crisp lines and the unforgivingness of stone makes it more challenging.’

To view an extensive range of Zygmunt's sculptures, please visit the gallery in Red Hill. For an appointment, please call 07 3369 6984. Everybody is welcome to browse the wide range of artwork. Many pieces are available for immediate sale; if not, the casting of bronzes and finishing them may take up to 6 weeks.


Zygmunt Libucha - Sculpture

This handsomely-published book is filled with Zygmunt Libucha’s figurative and abstract art. From the expressive contours of his curvy ladies, to the evocative forms of his abstract pieces, the book features 144 colour and black and white photos across 110 pages. Price: $30.

Adieu Adieu in black Sold
Bronze - 40x35x14cm Black Marble
Adieu Sold Aphrodite Sold
White Marble White Marble
Ariel sold
Onyx and basalt base - 56 x 35 x 20 cm
Bliss Bliss
Bronze Bronze
Benefits of country living sold
Marble - 70x40x30cm
Marble - 70x40x30cm
Big Sister Black Wave sold
Bronze Black Marble
Black Eve
Black Marble
Chastity NFS Chastity - detail
Marble and granite - 57 x 16 x 16 cm
Chloe Chloe detail
Bronze - 55x15x10cm
Daydream Daydream sold
Bronze Marble
Deceptive Look sold
Marble - 60x24x17cm
Domestic scene in South-East Queensland NFS
Marble 80x70x50 cm
Domestic scene in South-East Queensland
Marble 80x70x50 cm
Domestic scene in South-East Queensland
Marble 80x70x50 cm
Empress's New Dress Sold

Chalcedony - 63x13x10cm
Felicity Detail
Bronze 40 x 28 x 10 cm
Flirt NFS Detail
White marble - 40 x 36 x 36
From the garden of Eden Flirt Sold out

Detail Feckless Wrapping
Bronze-80x30x20cm Marble - 40x30x30cm
Flow Sold Frutti Di Mare
White Marble-40x40x15cm Black Marble
Golden Dream Sold Guardian & Predator Sold
White Marble Sandstone

Bronze 60x25x20 cm
Hammock In The Clouds
Bronze Bronze-67x57x21cm
Inner City Hero Inner City Hero Sold
Bronze Travertine
In The Beginning
Jason's Trophy
Chalcedony - 110x40x35cm
La Femme Fatale SOLD
Marble 63x31x20 cm
Mamma Moona Little Nap
Bronze - 35x27x27 cm Bronze, marble - 20x13x10cm
Little Moona Little Opulence sold out
Bronze - 15x10x9 cm Bronze - 21x16x7cm
Loop Lazy Afternoon
White marble Bronze - 35x32x21cm
Look, we are not Sisters, OK? Modesty
Bronze 73x15x15 cm Marble - 40x25x31 cm
Bronze 40x25x31 cm
Melancholy NFS Detail
Marble 48x75x34 cm
Mischief Mobius Trick
Bronze 42x27x20 cm Marble 65x55x50 cm
Moby Dick sold Male Torso
Monica sold Maybe Later... sold
Marble - 50x19x12 cm Marble
Never Too Thin Or Too Rich Sold Detail
Marble 92x23x20 cm
Nike Nike
Bronze Marble 1.5x0.6x0.4m

Marble 1.5x0.6x0.4m
Odalisque Odyssey sold
Bronze Marble
On Point On Point sold
Bronze 55x20x12 cm Marble 55x20x12 cm
Opulence Opulence sold
Bronze White Marble

Pony Tail Possibility Of Dream III NFS

Marble - 52 x 22 x 10 cm Marble and granite - 50 x 45 x 10 cm
Probably Aquatic

Onyx 55x35x30 cm
Marble - 100x100x100cm
Ronda Sold Ronin 2
Marble 45x38x15 cm Marble 101x43x25 cm
Ready About sold Ronin sold
Marble Marble
Rosebud sold Rosebud II
Sail sold Secret
Marble 77x22x12 cm Bronze 44x22x22 cm
Small Miracle Serena
Bronze 17x11x10 cm Marble 73x19x15 cm
Siesta The Rope
Bronze 26x13x11 cm Bronze 33x26x18 cm
Study of a rather wild flower Small Steps sold
White marble 48x30x30 cm White marble 53x20x13 cm
Tight Dress sold Tight Dress Large
White marble Bronze - 63x19x14 cm
Tight Dress II sold Tight Dress Sold out
White marble Bronze
To Cut Or Not To Cut
Bronze 43x33x26 cm
To Cut Or Not To Cut Not For Sale
Marble 43x33x26 cm
To Cut Or Not To Cut Small The Possibility Of Dream Sold
Bronze 16x13x9 cm Marble, Granite 40x30x10 cm
Tube Not For Sale
Turbulence sold

Twin sister Small Twin sister Large
Bronze - 30x13x13 cm Marble 65x35x35 cm
Twin Sister Large Detail
Bronze 65x35x35 cm
Tropics Sold
Chalcedony - 60x33x33 cm
Very Slim Neighbour SOLD

Marble 60x10x9 cm
Wild Lilly sold

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